For a "GRATE" Fire Pit or Fireplace...

Master Flame™ Fire Pit Grates and Fireplace Grates
Welded Steel Master Flame Fire Grates (Fire Pit and Fireplace) are available in welded hi-grade steel or stainless steel bar stock and have a high heat-resistant electrostatically applied, weather-resistant black finish. Char-Guard ember catch option improves complete burn consistency, simpler ash clean up and allows the option of using charcoal for cooking (outdoor only).

High Grade Carbon Steel Fire Grates
  • Welded 5/8" carbon steel bar stock
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Oval shape - campfire style
  • Ideal for fire pit or fireplace

TeePee Fire Pit Grates
  • Designed for wood burning outdoor fire pits
  • Allows kindling or firewood to be leaned up against itself in a tepee shaped cone or pyramid. As the wood burns and falls into the middle it will create a "core of heat" of hot wood embers.
  • Welded 5/8" carbon steel bar stock
  • 17" Tall (Top to bottom)

High Grade Steel Fireplace Grates
  • Designed for wood burning fireplaces - indoor or Outdoor
  • Choice of welded 5/8" OR 1/2" carbon steel bar stock
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Standard Fireplace Shape -Largest Width in front; smaller width in back
  • 17" Deep (Front to Back)
  • 5" Legs for optimal air circulation
Stainless Steel Pokers
  • Designed for wood burning fireplaces - or fire pits.
  • Welded 304 Stainless Steel rod; 3/8" diameter for long
    term duty.
  • Closed cell vinyl foam handle for insulation, comfort and positive grip - even when wet; rated from -40 degrres to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 40 " in length.
  • Two styles to choose from: Style #1 features "back angle" design tip for pulling and moving wood logs when tending the fire; Style #2 features "hook back" design tip.
How to Size and Order

Master Flame Fire Pit Screen & Grate Product Update 022017

Fire Pit Grates and Fireplace Grates

Oval-shaped grate (Measure tip-to-tip for length and width.) 21" x 24", 24" x 27", 27" x 30" or 30" x 33"


Round-shaped grate (Measure tip-to-tip
across.) 24", 27", 30",33", 36" or 38" dia.

Square-shaped grate (Measure tip-to-tip.) 24" x 24", 27" x 27" or 30" x 30", 33" x 33" or 36" x 36" or 38" x 38"


TeePee Grate, 17" high, base footprint 8" x 8, tine spread 11" x 11"


Fireplace Grate (Sized by widest leg distance.) 20", 24", 28" or 32"

Poker, 40" length,
Style 2 (Hook Back)



Char-Guard Option

The Char-Guard Option is a heavy duty steel mesh fitted and welded to the underside of the grate. improves complete burn consistency,simpler ash clean-up and allows you the option of
using charcoal. Available for all grates.


MASTER FLAME “JUMBO” Sceens & Grates

For Jumbo Sized (over 60" diameter or rectangular fire pit screens or grates, please contact us by phone or email for quote.

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