Master Flame™ Fire Pit Safety Screen

Let the warmth and glow come through.

Exclusive from Aspen Industries, the Master Flame brand Fire Pit Safety Screen is available for either square or round fire pits. It keeps the hazardous embers from sparking and scattering around the gathering area, yet allows the warmth and lively glow of the fire to come through. The hinged design allows access for simple fire management.

Welded Carbon Steel Fire Pit Screen – Hinged Model Round
Open hinged panels to attend fire; close to keep sparks and embers safely contained!

 Masterflame Round Hinged Fire Pit Safety Screen shown.



Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our superior design and craftsmanship, all Master Flame logs and burners carry our lifetime warranty. If your gas log system ever breaks, we’ll replace it at no additional cost to you. All accessories, controls and operating systems carry a
one-year warranty.

Our Models.

High Grade Carbon Steel Models

Hybrid Models

Stainless Steel Models

Hinged Models.

Round Model Open

Round Model Closed

Square/Rectangle Model Closed

Dome Models.

Dome Model - No Hinge

Pivot Model Dome.

Pivot Model Closed

Pivot Model Open